Andres Gil, actor. He was born on January 27th 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His acting carreer started with the Show "Patito Feo" where he met his teacher Monica Bruni, with whom he still trains nowadays. He was part of TV Shows as "Las Estrellas, Simona and Consentidos" In 2010, he travels to the US to keep on with his preparation as an actor in San Francisco. In December 2011, he's oart of the italian show Dancing with the Stars. What it had to be just 3 months, became 5 years. He decides to stay in Rome to keep on training with Danny Lemmo ( Member of the Actor Studio) During his stay in Italy, he stares in Don Matteo and Che Dio Ci Aiuti, the two most iconic Shows in Italian Television. Later on, he plays Father Pedro in the Netflix Production, "Call me Francis" and works with Jordi Molla and Giancarlo Giannini in the movie "Prigioniero della mia Libertá" In 2016, he produces AdLib, an event where he creates networking in all the creative industries. In 2018, he plays the son of Ricardo Darin and Mercedes Moran in the movie "El amor menos Pensado" with the direction of Juan Vera.